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Above the roofs of Lucerne ...


the igniting spark jumped in the spring of 2018.


a vision.  Lucerne should be given a home where synergies between business, education and society can develop. We want to network startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs and get to know potential customers, influencers and multipliers - business development and innovation management in one. We want to offer access to a dynamic community - as a crowd knowledge store and think tank for innovation.


Today.  The Hirschengraben  is a vibrant place and home for everyone who wants to move, shape and have an impact on Lucerne with their ideas and who want to face the changes in society, education and the world of work together.  

An innovation space that Lucerne has never known before.


We call you  Welcome to our space - online and offline, with us in the Hirschengraben!

Under the roofs of Lucerne ...

grows a community. A natural incubator of over fifty successful entrepreneurs, creative people, SME owners, startup founders, coaches, project managers, initiators, graphic designers, programmers and other city kids. We would like to move, shape and change society and the economy in Central Switzerland with you.  

co-working space  W e are more than an office space. We are a collective of world changers, a sparring partner for your dreams and a playground for businesses. We offer fixed workplaces, flexible workplaces and team offices.

Capsule Hotel  Inexpensive sleeping in the heart of Lucerne. The modern capsules offer privacy in a small space.

Rooms We offer creative and inspiring workshops and  event rooms and meeting rooms. These are multifunctional and can be set up with a great view.

community We inspire each other and curiously let different worlds meet. We support each other and achieve more than we think. We are modern

From the vision evening to the opening

February 20, 2018

A "how-the-heck" meeting was held in the 6th floor living room at Hirschengraben 40 in Lucerne. A total of 28 people followed the call via a Facebook event. 



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community creation


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