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Our community is value-based, these are our 5 core values:

community  is a core value of ours at Hirschengraben.


Not for nothing do we call ourselves community: We live this value practically by eating together on a regular basis. There has never been a community meeting where we have not enjoyed a meal together.


enthusiasm  Genuine enthusiasm is something you notice in people.

If you ask Martin from our executive board, he will be able to tell you exactly that. Because when he first joined us, he really let himself be infected by this burning enthusiasm and has stood up for this value since the beginning. So now: Let's continue to infect each other with real enthusiasm, have fun and joy in what we do and achieve our goals together.

innovation  is not only our name and program, but also a central value.

But what does that mean for us in practical terms?
We consciously want to let different "worlds" collide with each other.
We want to give the time and space to improve each other, to make each other aware of the other point of view.
For ideas that seem controversial, we consciously seek the AND.


engagement  is the commitment that arises from solidarity.

Without the personal commitment of many people from Lucerne and the surrounding area, the Hirschengraben project would not have been possible!
It would not even have been able to really take off. Because the individual commitment to the community was so essential.


success  is important and that's what we strive for.

We discuss visions, set goals and aim to achieve them. Sometimes it's smaller steps, sometimes bigger ones which lead us to success.
It is also important for us to share the successes and even the partial successes and to celebrate them together.

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