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Let your ideas run wild.

Innovative meeting rooms and workshop rooms in Lucerne.

Our rooms are diverse, creative and usable and combinable in different ways.

Room LAB

Are you looking for an inspiring place for a group outside your own four walls? Then our lab is the ideal place for you! Developing new ideas, working on team processes, workshops - almost anything is possible in our lab.

Size | Capacity:  

50 m2 |  25 people  (concert seating)



Projector with HDMI connection; adjustable tables and chairs / armchairs;

optional: presentation material, flipchart

Prices including VAT:  

from CHF 330.- for 4 hours

CHF 230.- for evening bookings from 6 p.m.  with the discount code "Abend"




The outbreak room is directly connected to the lab. Light, colors and materials ensure a creative feel-good atmosphere in which working becomes child's play. Ideal for design thinking, meetings, workshops or as an extension of the lab.

Size | Capacity:

20 m2 | 8 people


Writable and partly magnetic walls and furniture

optional: presentation material, flipchart, projector

Prices including VAT:  

CHF 120 for 2 hours

CHF 180 for 4 hours

CHF 300 for 8 hours


Big Lab room

Do you need a lot of space? Then the rooms LAB  and OUTBREAK  can be put together by opening the sliding door and the Big-Lab is ready for you.

Size | Capacity:  

70 m2 |  35 people  (Concert seating)

Book the LAB and add the OUTBREAK to the equipment at attractive conditions.

Prices including VAT:  

Room LAB  

+ CHF 140.- half day (less than 5 hours)

+ CHF 200.- whole day (from 5h)


Room First Floor

Something new is happening here!

Size | Capacity 

100 m2 | 50 Persons

You are looking for a raw/simple, but purposefully furnished,

large room with lots of light, which is directly accessible from the street? Then the first floor is just right for you. Experimental and rustic, you'll definitely like its loft atmosphere. This space is in the pop-up phase and is only bookable in the medium term.


Floor plans:

E-A3 OG4_180821_2.png


Big Lab = Lab + Outbreak


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