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As a community of Lucerne entrepreneurs, start-up founders, self-employed and visionaries from other layers of society, we develop our own projects, advise associations, SMEs and companies and network our community members with one another.

Our community is a community of people

  • who have a conscious COMMITMENT to one another, to a common culture and to passing on to others what they receive;

  • which together serve a PURPOSE that is higher than the end in itself;

  • who stand up for one another and share RESOURCES such as space, time, money, experience, failure and victories;

  • who meet regularly to eat and celebrate FEASTS;

  • who find IDENTITY in it as an individual and as a community.

The Hirschengraben story is coming soon


The members

We have different forms of membership, each with a different level of commitment.

The core consists of the cultural ambassadors who know the story of the Hirschengraben and live and represent the vision and the culture behind it. You can actively take on a role and within this framework also take on responsibility and make decisions. The wider community is made up of people who have formally joined the community. 

Want to learn more about the forms of membership or the 'Level of Commitment'?

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Start-ups & projects

Our community members have already started a wide variety of projects or initiatives, and some businesses have also sprung up here. The range of projects is very large: there are projects of strong local to international importance in a wide variety of industries and subject areas.


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