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More than just one

Sleeping place.

Capsule Hotel Lucerne


The first Swiss capsule hotel is an integral part of our coworking space. At the Capsule Hotel, we can welcome 16 overnight guests very centrally - just a seven-minute walk from Lucerne train station. In addition to the 16 capsules, there are of course high-quality sanitary facilities and the living room with a 'tea kitchen' for shared use.


What distinguishes our Capsule Hotel from an ordinary hotel? In addition to exceptional and inexpensive sleeping accommodations, it also offers a variety of working environments such as coworking spaces and labs in the same building - an ideal place for digital nomads. And why a Capsule Hotel in Lucerne? Of course because we have the most beautiful city right in the heart of Switzerland with a picturesque lake and mountain scenery.

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Book your special sleeping place with a cool infrastructure now!

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Capsule hotels are already a very widespread form of hotel, especially in Japan.
need for cheap accommodation in cities with a great lack of space. It is a real alternative to noisy bunk beds with little privacy. Each individual "capsule" can be closed - and so you have your own little room. The generously designed interior offers high-speed internet, power outlets, ventilation and other amenities.

In July 2021, the Capsule Hotel Luzern was equipped with the new Swiss Capsule TM and completely renovated. Enjoy your stay in the high quality new development now.

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