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Luzern Schenkt

This year, the project LUZERN SCHENKT was again carried out by the Global Shapers Hub Lucerne together with Education for Integration.

Currently, over 257 people live in Lucerne's asylum centers who were forced to leave their homes due to war, terror and persecution - in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Often living alone, in a confined space, in a country foreign to them, the Corona crisis has hit them particularly hard.
Christmas gives us the chance to invite each of the 257 refugees with a gift and a welcoming message to participate in our holiday traditions and be part of our community.

The project team with other volunteers met on December 18, 2021 to wrap the first part of the 257 gifts and write as many cards with Christmas greetings.

The same evening, the first gifts were distributed directly to the refugees who also arrived at the Let's eat together at the Neubad. This joint meal rounded off the successful day in the best possible way.

Many thanks to all involved for their efforts!

All 257 cards with Christmas greetings were written by hand.
Only a small part of the Christmas gifts was given to refugees on the same evening. The big part will be distributed in January in the refugee homes.

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